Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the road again...

With wind whipping on the ridges but an otherwise beautiful day, I figured I'd break out the XC skis and see how Lamoille Canyon held up for the six weeks I was gone.

No real surprise... it got along just fine without me, thanks. ;)

The road is in reasonable shape for XC skiing... soft-ish snow, not the icy garbage that it can occasionally be. There are plenty of whoops from all the sled traffic, as would be expected this time of year.

The wind and clouds and sunshine made for some dramatic views.

Ice Capades, a semi-regular ice climbing destination. I've often thought I ought to haul skis up there in addition to all of my ice climbing crap. At this point I'm tempted to leave the ice climbing crap at home and just bring the skis.

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