Sunday, March 18, 2012


So, the good news - it was good fluffy light non wind-affected excellent skiing out there today, with a bunch of friends I've not had the chance to ski with before.

The bad news - no pics. Sorry. I can come up with a whole bunch of excuses, but the bottom line is that I was having way too much fun to want to stop mid-run today and take photos of other people's face shots. I was too busy enjoying my own.

Here are a couple of photos from previous ski days that represent the flavor of what today's photos would have looked like, had I not been so intensely selfish. Bottom line: about 10" of very light and fluffy non-wind-affected snow (at least in protected places), flat light, significant wind in less protected places.

I did a number of laps in Ambrosia with some friends. A couple of other folks headed into the Dollars and set off some slabs in 2 1/2 (not unexpected). First Dollar skied beautifully, as did the Ambrosia Trees.


On another note - how small does a person's life have to be for him to want to purposefully mess up somebody's else's fun? "Gee, those guys look like they're having an excellent time - let's go fuck it all up for them!" We were skiing in Ambrosia today, and some jerk of a snowmobiler high marked right where we were skiing. And then he came back and high marked a few feet over.

It must be tough to have such a small penis.

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