Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The thin line between corn and mank

It's corn season here in the Rubies.  There is still cold snow in protected north aspects, but the big east-facing lines are good corn skiing for those willing to drag their asses out of bed well before the crack of dawn - and who can move quickly enough to wrap things up before it gets hot enough for wet slides.

I, of course, got started too late this AM and got to enjoy a couple thousand feet of mank as a reward for making a couple of phone calls before heading up to ski.  In reality, I should have been up on the ridge at 9 - 9:30.  I made it up by 10:45... hell, I wasn't skinning until I should have been up on top.  Silly me.  It was still a beautiful day out, though, as well as good exercise.  Who can complain?

The Lamoille Canyon Road is melting out by the day.  This morning I was able to park my truck and snowmobile trailer at the pullout right below the turnoff to Scout Camp. Yesterday I only made it to the first pullout at the mouth of the canyon.  People will be able to park a truck and trailer at Pete's Corner in the next day or two.

Here are a few more photos of beautiful Lamoille Canyon.  Just because.  Some nice tours recently.

Ran into a couple of kids who'd snowboarded Terminal Cancer this morning.  Some yo-yo had gone up there recently... and sideslipped the whole way down.  Please, if you can't ski it find somewhere else to go.  There are a lot of options here, and honestly a lot better skiing. These kids had done a lot of driving and a lot of hiking to get to a chute full of scraped-off snow.

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