Sunday, February 3, 2013

Independence Day

We took a trip up to the Independence Range near Tuscarora on Friday, in search of new (to me) terrain that would offer good skiing and no competition from snowmobiles. Mike and John had been up there a couple of weeks ago and had spotted a drainage that looked to offer some really nice yo-yo skiing. So, we loaded up the sleds, headed up the snowy road and started skinning when we got a snowmobile stuck.  It would wait, the skiing wouldn't.

John on the up track.

Mike topped out and scouting new lines.

The surface hoar made for beautiful skiing this trip, but likely for some sketchy conditions down the road.

Mike drops in.

A few sweet turns.


As it turned out, there was a minimally-covered rock band all the way across the face, pretty much negating any thoughts of yo-yo skiing or even a return trip to this particular spot.  Bummer, because it really seemed to have a lot of potential to become a new favorite destination.

Even with the disappointment, the meadow skipping on the way out was fantastic, and contained a couple of adventurous creek crossings.

Beautiful day, beautiful spot, gorgeous snow, good friends, and a stop at the Taylor Creek bar on the way out - where we got to spend some time with a gal who grew up with me in Lamoille, and who I don't see nearly often enough.  All in all, an awesome day - even with the rock band.


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