Sunday, March 27, 2011

An amazing March

It's hard to believe it's the end of March, at least when you're up in the mountains. Down here in the valley it's full-on mud season, and I wish it would either dry up or freeze solid. Anything but mud. Up in the mountains, though, Old Man Winter is giving it all he's worth.

Conditions were a little "wonky" today, to use Kevin L.'s term... there's been a lot of wind with all of this new snow and it was easy to set off some soft wind slabs. I set off one that didn't run anywhere, Kevin set one off that ran for 80 feet or so. Enough to get a person's attention, at any rate. There were long-running sluffs coming off of steeper, rocky terrain, with a few crowns evident in the usual places.

It's all making for excellent, fluffy skiing, just not a day for taking chances with steeper, more windloaded stuff.

Can't take credit for this photo... Brett took this great photo of Kevin L.:

Dave in Mini-Me:

and into the trees...

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