Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sobering write-up

This didn't happen here, but it could. The Rubies are slide terrain, and as such can be a dangerous place to visit.

This is a thread from TGR (Teton Gravity Research) started by a gentleman who was part of a party involved in a recent fatal avalanche incident. He was the only member of the group not buried. Two people died; he was able to save one life through level-headed thinking and action.

A note that he had written to the families of the dead was circulated rather quickly around the Internet, and as such he thought it appropriate to give people the opportunity to learn from his experience. A brave choice.

Anyway, read this:

Smithers BC Avalanche Fatality Incident Report

A good opportunity to assess the choices we make every day in the backcountry, and to do some very sober introspection about what any of us would do in that man's boots.

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