Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chututorial 101

Had a fun day skiing in Ely on Sunday - location undisclosed in an attempt to keep it open for skier access. There's been some talk about this area potentially being closed to the public because of concerns from the private property owner at the base - it's his right to keep people out if he wants but I sure as hell hope he doesn't follow through, that's some of my favorite spring skiing anywhere.

I shot video rather than stills, and so will post up when I get a vid of the day put together. In the meantime, here's this:

Andrew McLean put this together and posted it on his Straight Chuter blog - a well-done look at the thought process of an excellent skier in very technical terrain.

The nice part about that video for a weekend warrior like me is that it reaffirms some of the choices I make and techniques I use when I'm out there. Thanks, Andrew, for sharing - I for one am happy to learn at your knee.

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